How to Spy on iPhone Without Installing Software?

The world is witnessing a phenomenal expansion of modern technology within this decade or so. With its expansion, the use of many technology-driven devices like mobile phones has also witnessed huge growth.

Such a vast and fast expansion of mobile usage has raised some serious security concerns for mobile users. This calls for a rather mature response from the whole society.


So, it’s the duty of the more responsible individuals to guard their vulnerable counterparts to protect them from cybercrimes.

The spying of mobile phones provides the solution to a certain extent. It helps in raising an early alarm and also in triggering a quicker response in case of a problem situation.

What is spying?

Spying is a technique in which the digital information of one device can be accessed through another device.

The spying includes any digital information of the device e.g. call or text details, visited locations, files, pictures, device information, device location, and a lot more.

Spying may be needed to save your loved ones from cybercrimes and may help an organization in keeping its confidential information secured.

Parents for their kids

Kids, nowadays start using mobile phones at a very early age. And this makes them a very soft target to many cybercrimes.

Cybercriminals may abuse them, bully them and even use them as a channel to access to their other family members. This way they may get hold of any secret pieces of information and use them for their own favor or against that member.


Secondly, mobile phones through the internet are loaded with varied information. This information is floating freely across many different platforms.

Much of this information may not be suitable for viewing by a small kid or a teenage child. But at that innocent age, they may not discriminate what is right for them and thus may fall easy prey to it.

Therefore, it becomes an essential responsibility of the parents to guard their kids against these situations.

Employers for their employees

An employee may have access to a lot of confidential information about his organization. This makes him a very easy target (vulnerable) to cybercrimes.

By attacking digitally to a vulnerable employee, the cybercriminal may break into the security system and also may get hold of the confidential information of the organization.


Therefore, it may be very important for an employer to be alert towards any malicious attack to its employees and should take suitable preventive actions.

But ensure that whenever you decide to spy on an individual, it must be ethical and with the consent of that individual. It should also be as per the laws prevailing under your respective area of jurisdiction.

How to spy on an iPhone without having it?

There are 3 ways to spy an iPhone a device:

  1. By installing spy app in the target device
  2. By jailbreaking the device
  3. Remotely i.e. without installing spy software in the target device

There are many tools to spy without installing the software in the device, and the process of spying Android devices and iOS devices are different.


The restrictions to download apps in the case of iOS devices make it difficult to download any spy app on these devices. But by jailbreaking an iPhone, spy apps then may be downloaded.

The concern with jailbreaking is that it seriously compromises the security of the device. Besides, any upgradation, if downloaded would erase the jailbreaking. So, it can have either of the two at a time. Not a good idea.

In the third option i.e. to spy on Phone without installing software, we do not need to have access to the target device. However, there are certain pre-conditions to be fulfilled before we may spy on iPhone without installing software.

Conditions to fulfill before remote spying

The spying of the iPhone is done by viewing data on iCloud. For viewing iCloud data,  Apple ID credentials of the person are required, whose device is to be spied.


The second requirement is to have a spy app without the target phone that would retrieve data from the iCloud and display it through a remote web account. You would log in to this spy app web account through your iPhone only.

Top 5 apps to spy on iPhone

There are a large number of the best spy apps for iPhone available in the market. However, it may be confusing to choose one for your purpose. To help you select the right one, below is a list of criteria you may apply to make the best choice of the iPhone Spy app.

  • Whether or not it requires jailbreaking or rooting the target device
  • Features: type and number of tasks it may perform
  • Compatibility to different versions of iPhone devices
  • Price point: a budget or a premium-priced app
  • Payment option: one-time, monthly, quarterly or annual payment options
  • Can spy on single or multiple devices
  • Ease of installation
  • Consistency of operation
  • Customer support
  • The behavior of the iPhone Spy app during software upgrade or rebooting

In this article, we would discuss the top 5 apps to Spy on iPhone device.


NEXSPY is one of the best spy apps available in the market. If you are looking for a spy app that has great features and is economical at the same time, NEXSPY is the right choice. It has a very user-friendly interface which makes it very simple to operate.



It includes almost all the standard features of a spy app like getting contact information, monitoring call logs of mobile phones and many VoIP applications, text messages, iMessage and email monitoring. NEXSPY also has features for ambient recording and FaceTime SpyCam.

It may monitor many social media applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype, WeChat, Viber, etc. Viewing images, videos, and calendar settings are also possible with NEXSPY.

GPS location monitoring with history, Geo-fencing and accessing information about installed apps are also some of the useful features of NEXSPY. Moreover, this app has a unique feature in which it may track selected individuals movements and locations and may also notify you about their presence at specific locations.


You may track internet activities of the target device including browsing history and even access the bookmark sites. These features are very helpful for parents to monitor their children’s browsing activity.

It has a keylogger feature that ensures that all keystrokes pressed by the user get registered despite being deleted. It also has a keyword alert feature that notifies you if any selected keyword is identified. Besides, it has a Caller ID alert that sends the notification whenever the device gets in touch with a selected number.


Installation is pretty simple. Firstly, get a NEXSPY Premium license. Then, log in to the official website of NEXSPY using your login credentials.

Ensure that the target iPhone, physically with you is running with the compatible iOS version and is jailbroken.


Turn on the internet and install the app on the target device as per the step-by-step instructions given on the website or the Help menu.

Finally, you may start monitoring by logging in into the web account.


  • Monthly at $39 per month
  • Quarterly plan at $29 per month
  • Yearly plan at $19 per month

Customer service

NEXSPY offers 24/7 customer support through chat and email. They have a very capable technical support team apart from a very informative website which helps in satisfying most of your queries.


Another minor but very useful feature of NEXSPY is the SIM change notification feature. It helps the user to safeguard against the misuse of any information available on the phone in case of theft etc.

The iPhone spy app NEXSPY is compatible with the iOS version up to iOS 12.4.


iKeyMonitor is another app that may spy on iPhone without installing the software. Besides, this spying app may not require jailbreaking, though it is available in both the versions.


No jailbreaking version has some limitations of features like it does not have a feature of listening to surroundings and capturing screenshots of the target device etc. It is one of the few apps which offer a free trial of their products.


It has almost all common features like spy on text messages. You may get an accurate GPS location and also make use of its Geo-fencing feature. You may also monitor through iKeyMonitor the WhatsApp voice, Chats and details of the websites visited.


Its Keylogger feature records every keystroke that helps in providing very vital information from various apps used by the target device. Remote screenshot viewing gives you real-time information about the target device activity.

You may even have access to the passwords through the logs received at your display device.


Installation is not particularly a simple one. But the post-installation and set up experience are pretty soothing. 


  • iKeyMonitor Full: $59.99 per month


For the parents, it offers a very useful feature of restricted time viewing by setting viewing time limits on the device.

The list of social media monitoring sites has an exhaustive list ranging from Facebook Messenger, Viber, Tinder, Google, WhatsApp, Skype, and many others.

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Spyic is another iPhone spy app with no jailbreaking.



It has almost all standard features up its sleeve. You may monitor the contacts, the incoming and outgoing calls, and messages. Moreover, through GPS feature you may retrieve the target device’s location information even in real-time.

It provides access to photos, videos, calendars, and schedules as well. Apart from these, it also provides a keylogger feature, access to screenshots and monitoring of social media activities and web history.

You may also have access to the Wi-Fi signal information to which the device is connected. Besides, it may retrieve the log for time intervals and the location of each and every Wi-Fi signal connected to the device.


The physical access of the targeted device is required for the installation of the FoneMonitor.


After buying the app on signing up the website it may be installed on the target device. It is pretty simple to install the app.


  • Premium Edition: $29.99
  • Ultimate Edition: $39.99

Customer service

They provide 24X7 technical support via chat or email.


Spyic is 100% undetectable on the phone. It does not interfere with any of the phone systems as well while in operation.


If you are looking for a spying app that is very powerful yet simple and user friendly in design, your search ends at FlexiSPY. It may only be installed in the jail-break version.



FlexiSPY is said to offer almost everything that you may want to monitor on the target device. It has unique features of call recording, intercepting and listening to calls live. Besides, it may listen to the surroundings by activating the microphone of the targeted device.

These features are over and above the common features like calls, messages, photos, videos, tracking GPS location, etc. It may also monitor various social media chats like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber and many others including recording iPhone VoIP calls.


The software may be updated for subsequent upgrading from remote after the installation. Keyword alert features help release notifications whenever those selected keywords are pressed.

This is a very important feature for parents to monitor and guide their kids. App installation may also be restricted by using the Manage Apps feature and this is yet another gift to the parents.


Installation is pretty easy and the installation wizard further simplifies it.


  • Lite version $29.95 per month
  • Premium version: $68 per month
  • Extreme version: $199 for 3 months

Customer service

They have set a benchmark in customer service for others to follow in the segment. 24/7 support is available through phone or chat. They are highly customer focused.

Their website also provides comprehensive information on varying aspects of the product and is a very helpful support.


FlexiSPY has a very user-friendly interface that even a non-technical user may easily maneuver. If you are looking for a deep monitoring FlexiSPY provides the best features in the market. The only limitation is that they have only the jailbreak version.


mSpy, like NEXSPY, is also a very popular app to remotely spy iPhone. It is available in both jailbreaking and no-jailbreaking versions. In mSpy too, the no-jailbreaking version has some limitations of features like it cannot track the watch list, etc.



It may monitor contacts, call logs, text or instant messages, emails; including name, time & duration of calls, messages or emails. Moreover, you may access details of logs deleted by the target phone through log history. You may access the contact list, calendar, and schedule information and also monitor installed apps as well.

Besides, you may access images and videos. A very important feature of children’s safety is to know whether the content they are viewing is safe for them or not.

Through its keyword alert feature it sends you the notifications about the use of specific keywords, thus alerts you about probable conduct which may harm your kid. It also shows the GPS location quite accurately.


You may access target phone information like its model no., operating n/w, etc. You can also set the default setting remotely and erase information without the handset. Either a PC or a mobile is used as a display device.


Before proceeding with the installations have with you the user’s iCloud credentials. Go as per step-by-step instructions that are very easy to take you through the installation and set up process.


mSpy is available in 3 different packages: Basic, Premium, and No-jailbreak.

  • Monthly at $69.99 per month
  • Quarterly at $39.99 per month
  • Annually at $16.65 per month

Customer Service

They have very supportive 24/7 customer service through chat and email for their no-jailbreak packages.


All the different versions of mSpy are safe and easily removable from the device. Uninstallation of mSpy requires only 4 clicks on an iOS device.

The No-jailbreak version is compatible with all iOS versions. With different subscriptions for each device, it may monitor multiple devices with very easy toggling.

You may set your own frequency of data upload while setting. If connected through the net the device doesn’t have any geographical limitation.

Conclusion: How to spy on an iPhone

So, this article describes how to spy on an iPhone. With our experience and research, we shortlisted top 5 iPhone spy apps available in the market with each have some special features.

If one app is powerful and simple to operate, the other app is cheaper and has more features in it. If one app has a great customer support team the other thrives on some highly unique features.

I am sure that these top 5 iPhone spy app would help you select the best one, specific to your needs. You, as a parent, may find this helpful in saving your kids from getting bullied or preventing him from viewing the inappropriate cyber content.

You, as an employer, may need to save yourself or your organization by providing a safety shield to your employee’s potential vulnerability to cybercrimes.

Finally, to remind, whether you use the app for spying your kids or your employees, always have mutual consent. Also, comply with the legal provisions prevailing in your respective area of jurisdiction.



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