NEXSPY Review – The Best App for Mobile Phone Monitoring

NEXSPY is a phone spy app that allows professional parental control as well as monitoring of employee’s devices or their work by the employer. This app could be installed on tablets or mobile phones and allows you to monitor web activity, call activity, location, messages, social media activity, etc.


Once the app is installed and activated on the target device, the app icon gets deleted automatically. It runs in the background in stealth or hidden mode. NEXSPY would ensure that your kids are protected online by employing tracking and monitoring tools. The advanced monitoring solution works well on android as well as on iOS devices. People all over the world from more than 234 countries are trusting this solution.

For Android devices, the pricing plans like the Basic version, the Pro version, and the Ultimate versions are available. The features would differ as per the plan. For iOS, the Pro version and Ultimate version are available.

NEXSPY’s Features

The Ultimate version consists of the following features.

Read messages: You can get access to sent and received messages.

Contacts and Call history: You can know the details of received and sent calls along with the details of contact number, date, time and duration of calls. You would get suspicious contact alerts.

Location tracking: You can know the exact location on a real-time map.


Social media: You can monitor chats on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, LINE, Instagram, Viber, Kik, Tinder, WeChat, Hangouts, Tumblr.

Photos and videos: All the photos and video preview on the device can be monitored. Smart capture and captured screenshots could be known.

App block and app activity: You can view all apps installed on your child’s phone along with the activity on that app. If you wish to control the activity, you can block a particular app or website.

Alert: You can create your own list of target words. When any of the words from the list are used either in email or chat etc, you would receive a notification alert.

Calendars, clipboards, and documents: You can check on the day planner of your child. You can know the events or any other info on clipboards. Any document from the phone could be accessed.

NEXSPY dashboard

Keylogger: This feature records all the keystrokes made by the user while using the device.

Wi-Fi logger: This gives you the details regarding the duration of Wi-Fi on the device.

Emails: All the received and sent emails can be known.

Browser history and bookmarks: You can monitor all the web activity along with saved bookmarks.

System requirements for NEXSPY 

It is important to make sure that the app is compatible with your device prior to buying. The following are system requirements for running NEXSPY on various devices.

Monitoring Android phones

  • You need physical access to the device to install NEXSPY.
  • The device should have connection to the internet.
  • Devices must be running Android version 4.0 and later.
  • Functions on any brand without any need to root the device.

Monitoring iOS devices

  • All iOS devices can be monitored running iOS version 8.0 or later.
  • You require the iCloud credentials of the target device.
  • You do not need to jailbreak the target device to install NEXSPY.
  • The device should have connection to the internet.

How to Set Up and Use NEXSPY

NEXSPY is a powerful web-based tracking solution allowing you to extract information from any target device to monitor all of its activity. All it involves is a simple set up process. You can remotely monitor the phone or tablet activity as long as they are connected to the internet.

Initially, you need a NEXSPY account to access the Control Panel along with its features. Install the app on the device to be monitored. You should have legal physical access to the targeted device.

Step 1: Create an account

Register yourself with an email address. You would receive login credentials and download links. Go through a pricing plan and purchase a plan that serves all your needs.


Step 2: Install NEXSPY app

Take the target device and start the setup process. Move on to Settings, in the Security tab, you are supposed to enable the “Unknown sources option”.

Next step, in the setup wizard, give your name and select the OS that is running on the target device. Here, find the download link and download the app onto the device. After downloading you would get an APK file.

Lastly, open the app and sign in to your NEXSPY account. Activate the administrator service by allowing all the permission requests. The app icon would be deleted automatically and works in hidden mode on being activated.

If it is an iOS device, in the setup wizard after selecting name and OS, you need to submit iCloud ID and password. Then activate the iCloud backup and syncing service on the targeted device. The rest of the process is just similar.

Step 3: NEXSPY Control Panel

Complete the setup process as the wizard page would be directed to the Control Panel dashboard. This can be accessed online on your own device. All the supported features are listed in the function menu. To sync all the new data from the targeted device, refresh the dashboard.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

NEXSPY – Things to know before buying

How do you get the software?

A plan needs to be purchased on the site. After buying a subscription, you would get access to the control panel and installation instructions.

Do you need physical access to the targeted device?

Yes, in order to install the professional monitoring app, you need physical access to the device as the process of installation is manual.


Will your child be aware that you are monitoring?

Once the installation is done, the app would automatically work in stealth mode with the icon being disappeared.

Is it legal to use such apps?

This is a legitimate monitoring solution for parents and employers. It is legal if the targeted devices are your own that are being used by your children or employees.

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NEXSPY is a professional mobile or tab monitoring software with an easy interface and best compatibility. It offers a user-friendly control panel dashboard with great features allowing you to monitor all the data without any data syncing delay.



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