Monitor your child’s screen time with the T -Mobile family mode

Today’s kids are very much dependent on the internet for almost everything. Even for the grown-ups, it’s extremely hard even to imagine what it would be like to live without the internet for weeks or days. Our businesses, our jobs, and almost all our activities can be somehow linked to the use of the internet. However, there is always a negative side, and parents need to realize how the internet and tech toys are affecting the children. A child phone monitoring free culture can do more harm than good.

With the T-Mobile family mode, you can control your kid’s screen time and internet access on any device. Here is how it works. This family mode allows the parents or adults to monitor the internet access of the children on their devices such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops wherever they may be. With the help of a small cube-shaped device known as a home base, the parents can have more control over the devices that are used or accessed by the children.

How does it work?

To complete the setup, a family mode app and a home base device are required. If you prefer to use the app only, it’s fine. However, this will limit your control over certain devices. This app is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

  • Once you have access to the app, connect the app to the home base device through a Wi-Fi network or an Ethernet cable.
  • Install the app on your kid’s device and create a profile. After pairing the two successfully, the app will allow you to select and attach the devices to your kid’s profile.
    You can even add devices such as laptop, gaming consoles, and Smart TVs. Once you have selected the devices and attached them to your kid’s profile, you can start working on the settings.
  • You can limit the internet data usage, block or filter a web content that seems inappropriate, and restrict the apps, games and websites.
  • Reward your children with extra browsing time through the app if you want to. This reward will be valid until midnight, and a normal routine will be automatically resumed.
  • The family mode app will even allow you to pause and resume your child’s internet access whenever you want to. You will also have the power to view your kid’s browsing history, and see which sites or apps your child is viewing or using the most.
  • The family mode app allows the parents to add up to 12 users. If you have more than one child, you can set up multiple profiles and link the devices accordingly. This will help you to determine who is using which device. The app also features real-time location information, so you will know where your children are if they have their phone with them.
  • The children will also learn to manage their time with this app. There is a page with a timer that shows how much time they have to use or be on a specific app or site. They will be notified when the time runs out, and they will no longer have an internet connection.

How a family mode app disables the internet when the timer stops

The star of this excellent feature is local loopback Virtual Private Network or VPN. All internet traffic against the app is checked before it is routed to the devices. Based on the selection made by the parents via the app, the home base disables the internet as the time runs out.

Family mode app Features

Filter level

This feature discourages child phone monitoring free that is prevalent today. You can use filter mode in accordance with the age of the children. Custom filters are also available, and this feature will let you choose which site, app or games your children can access.

App restrictions

You may appreciate the wonderful service that this app is providing you and your family. However, some of your children may not like it so much. To avoid the app from being uninstalled or removed from the device, enable the app restrictions. You can add a PIN code having four-digits as a security measure if you are using an iOS device. A third party application may be required for Android devices.


This is one of the signature features of the Family mode. This feature will allow you to disable the internet connection on a particular device. By setting the bedtime, you can be sure that your kids do not stay online late into the night.

Control the internet connection

With a family mode app, you can halt the internet connection of the entire family, specific device, or a particular family member. A home base device will be required to do this.

Why control kids’ screen time?

Tech toys and devices have a serious impact on the creativity and imagination of the children, especially the younger ones. Back in the olden days, parents used to try to limit the children’s time spent outdoors. The kids used to play with building blocks, papers, crayons, and other games where they are required to use their imagination and creativity.

It’s a totally different story with tech toys and devices. Child phone monitoring free practice has encouraged this. Everything is automated and programmed, and the children can simply do things by pushing a button or touching the screen. Kids who are continuously engaged with these devices and toys will lack social skills, and are likely to be more passive. These kids are also known to be more aggressive and have a short attention span. Their lack of exercise and physical activities affect their health adversely.

By controlling the screen time of your children, they will have more time to engage themselves in other productive activities or spend time with the family. Time management is very important, and learning how to manage the time at an early age should be encouraged.

Since this app puts a restriction on time, the children will automatically learn how to utilize their time in a better way. To separate the kids from smartphones and tablets is almost an impossible task. However, this a great way to at least try to bring a balance between the real world and the virtual world in the life of the little ones and eliminate child phone monitoring free practice.

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