4 Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android In 2021

Using a spy app on someone’s phone to monitor his or her activity is not a new trend as those monitoring apps exist for a long time. What’s new is these apps, which were extremely rare and were considered a novelty, are now available in the market for regular users for an affordable price.

Previously, such apps were strictly limited within the law enforcement and corporate scene, but now anyone can purchase and download them from online.

And as more and more people are getting their hands on these spy apps, it’s crucial you know the correct usage of these apps before you try one. Here are some situations when you can use a spy app without target phone to monitor a device.

As a parent

If you’re a worried parent and want to be assured that your children are not getting involved with any kind of “bad company,” you can install monitoring software in your kid’s phone to keep an eye on.


Especially if they are teenagers, it’s a susceptible and crucial time of their life, and you must make sure that they are not getting distracted from their studies and normal life in the influence of any kind of “bad” thing.

As an employer

Modern corporate culture is nothing but a brutal battlefield, and companies leave no stone unturned to get sensitive information from rival companies. They often bribe staff of competitor companies to obtain vital information that can give them an edge over the corporate battle.

If you’re an employer and your staff deal with such vital information, it will be wise for you to install a spy app on their mobile, computer, and other gadgets to put them on surveillance.

Apart from the major cases mentioned above, there can be any other “valid” reasons where you can find the usage of the best Android spy app to be appropriate. However, as someone said, great power comes with great responsibility; hence, you should be your own judge to decide what is right and wrong.


It’s very easy to misuse the power of such spy tools, and in that case, you must know that there are very harsh laws in almost every country where using such apps gets considered as a serious breach of one’s privacy. You can land behind the bars for many years along with hefty penalty amounts.

So, think many times before you’re going to use a spy tool on a target device. And if you’re absolutely certain that your usage is going to be a hundred percent ethical, please keep reading this article to know the best spy apps to monitor android phones.

Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android

There are plenty of apps if you just search in Google for terms like best phone spy apps, etc. But to know which app is the best for your particular use case can be real pain unless you use each of the apps.

But that’s a pretty unrealistic solution, right? Nobody in their right mind can think of using most of the spy software available in the market just to find out which is the best, especially when most of them are not free.


And here we came to your rescue! As an independent security company, we have used and analyzed all the leading monitoring tools extensively and came up with a list; so that you don’t have to do the hard work.

Here we have enlisted only the top ones, so you can select any one, and you won’t be disappointed for sure. So, without further ado, let’s get started with today’s review of top spy apps for android.


One of the best apps we tested in our facility is FlexiSPY. You’ll get to do some amazing stuff with this software like you can remotely view and listen to the surrounding of the target device by activating both microphone and camera app, record every keystroke, monitor chat apps, and many more. 

Furthermore, it can operate in stealth mode so that no human eye, or the app drawer, or even antimalware apps could detect its existence.


It’s a premium app, so it will cost you dearly – but make no mistake, it worth every cent it charges. As it’s an app that belongs to the “spy tool” category, Google doesn’t allow it in their Play Store. So, you have to purchase and download this app from the official website.

We have used this app in literally every android phone, and it passed with flying colors and even exceeded our expectations in some cases. If you want to monitor a android Smartphone, specifically from the model S4 to S8, this software is an absolute no-brainer choice.


Another great contender in this list is Spyera. If you’re searching for a right spy software solution in Google, you sure have come across this app already. We used this app mostly in android phones, and it produced some unexpectedly fantastic results.

With this monitoring tool, you’ll be able to listen to the live phone calls, record phone calls to listen later, listen the live calls made through VoIP channels (like Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.), listen to device surrounding, track and monitor GPS position of the device, read emails and spy on text messages, view browsing history, log browser bookmarks, access photo gallery, and file manager, etc.


You’re also entitled to get lifetime free updates and upgrade for the software, as long as your subscription lasts. We found their pre and post-sale support is nothing but fantastic as they went some extra miles to help us install the app in the target device by providing step-by-step guidance in live chat.


This one is probably the easiest tool we tested as part of this review. You can install this software in any android phone without much hassle – only a few taps, and it will get installed.

It offers a vast array of features, and we tested each of them successfully. You can listen to every word of your kid talking on their phone, and you’ll know who they are talking to as well.

You can export the contact book and call log from the target device and save them in your personal account dashboard for future checking.

Want to check where your kids are right now? Want to know where your employees are at the very moment? You can check real-time location by tracking the device GPS with high accuracy.


Do you want to set a customized list of sensitive terms or keywords and want to be notified whenever kids are using those terms on their phone (in chat, email, browser, apps, etc.)?

Yes, that’s possible, too, and you can set 24×7 alert so that you receive the notifications instantly whenever your kid is using any of that specific keywords in his/her phone.

It has most other regular spy features like other apps, but one unique feature we must mention that you rarely find in any other app. That is rootless WhatsApp monitoring. Usually, you need to root your android device to spy on the chats – but XNSpy doesn’t need the device to be rooted.


This is the final spy app we want to mention here, and to be honest, we saved the best for the last! Wait, did I say it’s the best app? Yes, I did. And you’ll know why right now. So, fist, let’s start with the fantastic features this spy app comes with.


Vast compatibility

NEXSPY is the only app in this review that’s compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and of course, Android. No other app here offers such versatile usability, so this feature makes NEXSPY stand out in the crowd of spy apps.

Social media spying

No matter what social platform your kid or spouse prefers, you can spy their every activity. No other spy tool works on many social platforms like NEXSPY.

VoIP recording

With NEXSPY, not only regular calls – you can record VoIP calls in most of the popular VoIP providers.

NEXSPY dashboard

Application monitoring

You can monitor what apps your kids are installing in their phones with NEXSPY, and you can blacklist an app to be installed if you want. Like, suppose you don’t wish your 13-year-old girl use Tinder, you can make that app blacklisted from your Nexspy account – and then rest in peace as your kid will not be able to install that app in her phone.


This is another aspect of NEXSPY we must mention. While it’s not free software by any means, it’s surprisingly affordable than other spy apps compared to the features and functionalities. If you go for a yearly plan, it costs only $19 per month for each device, which is even lesser than the cheapest option in the market.

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As we promised, we are at the end to give our verdict, and we hope you already know which one we have selected as the top free spy app without target phone.

Yes, NEXSPY is the one that we liked most for obvious reasons, but we are sure that any of the other three apps are almost equally capable of satisfying your requirements.



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