How to Hack Someone’s Phone 2020 – A Detailed Guide

Smartphone technology has transformed the way we live. And as the industry grows by leaps and bounds, mobile hackers have found their ways into numerous cell phones. In recent years, the internet has become a popular platform for cyber frauds and crimes.

Online hacking has been used to embezzle funds and disclose important facts from business rivals. Such online activities could have devastating effects on business. A way of protecting ourselves from such fraudsters or hackers is to educate ourselves on ethical hacking.

There are tools available today, that can be used particularly to hack someone’s cell phone. Thanks to the progress in technology, you can tap into somebody else’s device by simply using its system links. It is not even required to set up any software for hacking on the device.

Methods to hack a phone

Midnight attack

Midnight attack is a simple and uncomplicated way of hacking a phone. No spyware installation is required; all you need is a computer that is connected to a Wi-Fi network and a pair of phones. One will be used as GSM modem for laptop and the other for receiving information.

The name Midnight attack is derived as this deed is usually committed at midnight when the user is sleeping and the phone is idle. A text reading “Your phone is attacked” is sent to the target device.

This text alerts the Internet Explorer on phone. An application rushes to retrieve its data and the text message is sent back to the source. In this process, the hacker receives the target phone’s ID and IMSI number. Now, it can access any phone activity from the target device.

Control Message Attacks

In this hacking method, a control message is sent to the target device. Once you send the message, you get access to the settings menu of the device. Now, you can control the phone settings, while the user remains ignorant. If you uncheck SSL, the device loses its encryption. And once you initiate the wipe command, all the information stored on the device would be deleted. This hack method can be done on smartphones only.

IMSI Catcher or Stingray hacking

A device locates a cell tower through its IMSI number. When a phone connects itself to the closest cell tower, it falls into the connection of a fake cell tower. This hacking method goes by many names such as an IMSI catcher (International Mobile Subscriber Identifier) or Stingray (a brand that manufactures hacking equipment), Cell Site Simulator, and False Towers.

Stingray is a mobile surveillance device that acts as a cell tower. The target phone device connects easily to these towers. Stingrays are located at fixed locations or drones. These devices can detect a target user’s location, intercept their messages and calls.

IMSI catchers were widespread among law enforcement parties, but in recent times, phone hackers and detectives have surpassed them.

Signaling System 7

Signaling System 7 is the decade-old protocol that connects a huge part of the phone network from all over the world. Hacking into SS7 allows you to track the target phone’s location anywhere in the world, intercept their calls and messages. You only require the linked number to hack into this protocol.

Installing a keylogger application

Smartphone applications can view our contacts, pictures, browsing details, location, and all the account details. Once you install a key logger app on the target phone device, you can follow all the phone activity as this app traces the keypad movements before any information from the phone is encrypted. You need to get hold of the targeted device to install this app.

Phishing hacks

Phishing is another hacking method used to dig out our information by using fake online sites. You can deceive the target into accessing a fake website and when they provide any information; you can hack a phones easily. And if the target device does not have an anti-virus installed on their phones, the user would be unaware of the phishing activity in his phone.

Hacking through spam

Hacking phones using spam gets you access to target user’s Google account. Many people use Google account for social media, online shopping, academic and bank-related works. Getting through a target’s Google account is the source to hack all other accounts. You would require a special code if you do not have the Google account password. Google sends the code to the target device; so the hacker sends the user spam to acquire that code.

Hacking through Wi-Fi

A Wi-Fi hotspot can be set up anywhere by anyone. The network operator can observe the signals transmitted that are not encoded. Therefore, a different route to attack someone’s phone is by putting up a Wi-Fi zone near your target’s location. When your target phone user connects to your network, you can access his/her unencrypted phone conversations.

Data extraction through a USB charger

USB chargers can also be used to transmit data from a computer. In most Android phones, the hard drive is integrated with the phone once the cable is linked to the computer. Then, you can upload any spyware and get the phone records.

How to hack someone’s phone?

If the conventional methods of hacking are too difficult for you, an easier method is to get a spy app. Plenty of hacking apps are available today. We shall look at the most popular apps.

Using 9Tracker

This app allows you to access all phone communications, text messages, contact details, call logs, e-mails, browsing history, social media activities, even track the target’s GPS location. 9Tracker can record offline also, and when the device goes online, all the data is transferred to the online web account. You can access the information from the online dashboard.

A keylogger is another special feature of 9Tracker used for Android phones only. It records keystrokes made on the device on all social media platforms, so you can access their social interactions online including the passwords the user enters. The app also allows you the view details of Wi-Fi usage on the target device. With 9Tracker, it is also possible to remotely control the target device. This app is compatible with the latest Android 9 Pie and iPhone iOS.

How to hack an Android phone?

You do not need to root an Android device to use 9Tracker on it. Rooting is only required if you want those extreme features. All you need is a few minutes to install the software on an Android phone and you’re good to go. The app then syncs with your 9Tracker account and allows you to monitor data such as call logs, messages, GPS, keylogger, etc.

How to hack an iPhone?

This is a simple online app used for hacking phones. Once you log in to the web account, you can view your online dashboard and get access to the device that you have hacked. All the data will be presented visually on the dashboard.

How to hack someones phone without touching it?

We cannot set up any hacking apps on someone’s phone without having physical access to the target device because the technology for installing the app from another location has not existed yet.

The best way to hack a phone is using 9Tracker, you’ll need to get hold of the device for about 5 minutes for installation. Once it is installed, you could access and monitor every phone activity from another location.

How to hack someones cell phone with just their number?

You cannot possibly hack someone’s phone with just their number. Most hacking apps require jailbreaking (for iOS) and rooting (for Android). However, with 9Tracker, you can hack any Android phone without the need of rooting it.

Once the app is installed on an Android phone, it’ll start to work immediately. You can then use the online dashboard as your control panel, you can access all call logs, emails, browser details, contact list, and multimedia of the phone you have hacked.

Final thought

As we have discussed in detail about hacking someone’s phone, both Android and iPhones, hacking any phones is a possibility now. Whether you choose a spy app or the conventional hacking methods, you can choose any method that is more feasible for you.

These hacking methods are especially beneficial for busy parents who would like to keep a tab on their children’s online activity or for employers who would like to check on their employees about their loyalty.