How to Hack Someone’s Phone without Touching It?

Hack into someone’s phone using Wireless Sniffer

What is a Wireless Sniffer?

This may sound like something secretive and complex, but in essence wireless sniffer is a specific kind of packet analyzer. Packet analyzer, or packet sniffer, is a type of hardware or software which is designed to catch sensitive data when it is being transmitted through a network.

Such data is then decoded into a type of format that is understandable and readable for people. Wireless sniffers have been specifically designed by technicians in order to intercept data on Wi-Fi networks.


Today, wireless sniffers are used in many IT situations because of their efficiency. Besides intercepting data they can also monitor and decode all kinds of data.

Wireless sniffers are especially useful for monitoring usage of networks, their overall activity, as well as security. They can also be deployed for setting correct diagnosis and for investigating different problems with networks.

With the help of wireless sniffers you can filter network traffic, discover network vulnerabilities, malware and misuse, and they are also helpful for identifying different problems with configuration.

Wireless Package Sniffer attacks

Although wireless sniffers are very useful for good maintenance of wireless networks and for identifying different problems, some people used them for malicious acts such as hack someone’s phone without touching it.

Hackers usually use them for stealing important data, spying on someone’s online activity and for collecting information which they can later use to attack the network.

Wireless sniffers are also used for targeting usernames and passwords. Hackers usually use wireless packet sniffer attacks on unsecured free Wi-Fi networks, which are commonly found in public spaces like hotels, airports, libraries, cafes, and so on.


Wireless sniffers are also often used for performing so-called spoofing attacks. These are types of attacks where some party uses stolen information for impersonating another machine that is on the network. These spoofing attacks are usually used against business networks for stealing sensitive data.

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Wireless sniffing can be divided into two modes – monitor and promiscuous. The monitor mode happens when the data is received and read without sending something back. That makes it extremely difficult to detect it, which is why skillful hackers usually use this mode for their malicious operations.

With the second mode, the sniffer intercepts and reads all data that goes through the wireless network, but it also transmits its own data that can be detected.

Preventing Wireless Sniffer attacks

How to protect yourself from packet sniffer attacks? Fortunately, there are a few options available when it comes to prevention from wireless sniffer attacks.


One easy step that you can take is to never use insecure networks and protocols. Therefore, make sure you always visit websites that have HTTPS secure protocol, Secure Shell or SSH and Secure File Transfer Protocol or SFTP implemented. These safe protocols make sure that your information is always encrypted and kept safe from hacking.

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If you use insecure protocol you are making your information vulnerable, so a good idea would be to use Virtual Private Networks if you want to encrypt the traffic from your device.

Hack into someone’s phone using a spy app

Did you know that you can hack a phone even if you do not know anything about computers and technology? The key is to use specific tools for the purpose which are easy to use for anyone. One such tool is our NEXSPY monitoring app, with it, everything becomes much more doable.


NEXSPY is a spy app without target phone that comes with dozens of powerful features for you to use. Installation is easy and quick, and this phone spy app works perfectly on all operating systems, whether it is Android or iPhone. If you are looking for an efficient app that can perform many hacking tasks for you, then you should go for NEXSPY.

NEXSPY’s Compatibility

NEXSPY is compatible with all popular devices:


The app is compatible with all Android versions from 4.0.3 to 9 (the latest Android Pie). To install the app on a particular Android device, you must have access to the device, and the device must have an internet connection.


NEXSPY is compatible with all iOS versions up to 11.4.1. To install the app, you must also have access to the target device and must be ‘jailbroken’ first.


Start with 3 simple steps

The first step is to visit NEXSPY website to choose the package that suits you best. All packages are affordable, so you will not make a mistake whichever you choose. Finalize the payment and check your email for your account credentials.

The second step is installing and setting up the app, which will not take more than a few minutes. As mentioned, with your account credentials, log in to your account, and you will get information about how to install NEXSPY on the target phone.

As soon as completing the step above, you can then start spying the phone from your online portal.

Explore NEXSPY’s Features

Monitor text messages

Our software not only allows you to monitor calls but also allows you to read text messages from another phone without them knowing. In this way, parents can keep a close watch on their child’s activities. All kinds of messages like SMS, MMS, iMessage, and even emails can be read in detail.


WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber and more

Apart from SMS, MMS, iMessage, and emails, there are lots of instant messaging apps around like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WeChat. And there are social media apps like Instagram and Tinder where messages can be sent and received to any person in the world. NEXSPY is the app capable of reading messages from these platforms.

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Track call logs

NEXSPY allows you to monitor the call logs not only from the mobile phone but from popular VoIP apps as well. It gives you detailed information on the outgoing and the incoming calls to the device installed with NEXSPY. It can allow you to view the address book as well and record VoIP calls using certain recording applications.


Record internet activity

NEXSPY allows you to track all kinds of internet activity like monitoring bookmarks and browser history. It also allows you to view all the Wi-Fi networks that the device had connected along with the location and timestamps.

View media files

NEXSPY also allows you to see any media files that are stored in the phone along with all the applications that are installed too.

GPS tracking

NEXSPY can also track the location of the target device’s location and whereabouts. NEXSPY provides GPS tracking and geo-fencing, which means that it is possible to track the exact location and be updated at all times. It also records location history as well, apart from monitoring the position.


​Extra features

Additional features include sim change alerts, caller ID alerts, and invisibility options which will make NEXSPY completely hidden from the phone’s application list. It also provides secure data encryption among many other features.

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