How to Hack an Android Phone Using Another Android Phone?

Android operating systems have always been attractive for hackers looking to steal valuable information. Recently, a group of researchers has found out about a new type of attack targeted at Android devices called “Cloak and Dagger”.


This attack works efficiently against all Android versions, up to 7.1.2. By using this Cloak and Dagger technique, hackers can take over control of your mobile device silently and without the owner noticing anything unusual.

How to hack someone’s Android phone?

As soon as the hacker hack a phone, he can steal sensitive data such as the PIN code of the device, all passwords used online, phone contacts, OTP passcode, chats, keystrokes, and messages.

What is Cloak & Dagger all about and how it affects devices?

“Cloak and Dagger” is all about attacking Android devices. The attack starts after a new malicious app has been installed on the phone, which then takes over the control over the device.

Android users will not even notice anything suspicious before it is too late. Cloak and Dagger attacks only need a couple of permissions when the malicious app is installed from the Google Play Store.


The exciting thing is that the Android user does not even have to grant explicit permission for these attacks to start. That means that these Cloak and Dagger attacks are practical and affect all new versions of Android. They are not yet fixed, so every user should be extremely cautious when installing new apps.

What does Cloak & Dagger attack do?

Cloak and Dagger attack is not exploiting any Android vulnerability, but it abuses a couple of legit permissions which are needed by the apps for accessing some features on the Android-operated device. The two main permissions for Cloak and Dagger attack to start are:

  • SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW (“draw on top”), and

The “draw on top” permission is a legit feature which allows applications to come up on the Android screen in front of all other apps already installed. The second ”a11y” permission is created to help people with specific disabilities, like blindness or deafness, to enter inputs on their Android devices by using voice commands or for listening content.

How to hack an Android phone from a computer?

The Cloak and Dagger attack is loved by hackers because there is no need for any special code to make the Trojan attacks. It is much easier than that. Hackers can create a malicious app which they will later submit to Google Play Store. Then someone will download it and there come problems.

Unfortunately, Google still has vulnerable mechanisms for security, and the Play Store is not hundred percent protected from malware and malicious software. Following are the step-by-step ways of how to hack someone’s phone without touching it:


When the user downloads an app from the Play Store, he or she is not notified about all permissions which are needed for the app to function as it should. The “draw on top” permission is usually activated automatically, which is more than enough for you to unknowingly and unwillingly enable the second permission a11y through the process of clickjacking.

Attacks performed through Cloak and Dagger technique include recording keystrokes, phishing attack, stealth installation of an app with all permissions granted and silently unlocking the phone.

Cloak and Dagger attacks are practical, and users are not aware that they are going on in the behind.

How to avoid and protect your device against Cloak & Dagger attack?

Since the two permissions mentioned above are often enabled automatically, there is not much regular Android users can do. Of course, you should suggest Google fix the bugs and problems associated with these two permissions so they can take proper action and protect their Google Play Store users. Besides that, you do have a few simple options available for protection.

  • Never grant the “draw on top” permission automatically when you download apps from Google Play Store.
  • Do thorough research before downloading an app and check out whether it requires enabling the mentioned two permissions.
  • Shut off all overlays when you interact with the app settings.

Other easy ways for preventing Cloak and Dagger attacks by shutting off the “draw on top” permission are the following:

  • Go to Settings of your Android device, then Apps, then Gear Symbol, then Special Access and then draw over other apps.
  • Only download reputable apps created from verified app developers from Google App Store.
  • Always check out the app permissions before you allow installation of an app on your phone. If there is an app that asks for more things that it should ask then do not install it on your device.

Above was the general information about Android Hacking through Cloak and Dagger attacks. Make sure you pay attention to the things mentioned here, and you will avoid problems.

The best way to hack an Android phone

You should know that the method for hacking cell phones mentioned above is in fact, illegal. It is mentioned for informative purposes only, and you risk legal repercussions if you try to use them on anyone’s Android phone.

If you really want to learn how to hack someone’s phone in an easy way, then your best bet is to use a Android spy app, and among them, there is one that is widely considered as the best. It’s called NEXSPY.


NEXSPY has been known as one of the best software for parental control and employee monitoring purposes today. Other than that, our software is reliable and very easy to use and set up, in fact, the installation is pretty easy, and it will only take a few minutes.

With our software, you will be able to record, monitor, and track everything that happens on the target Android phone. Nevertheless, read on and find out what NEXSPY monitoring software has to offer.

NEXSPY monitoring features

Location tracking

NEXSPY provides GPS tracking and geo-fencing, which means that it is possible to track the exact location and be updated at all times. It also records location history as well, apart from monitoring the position.


Call monitoring

NEXSPY allows you to monitor the call logs not only from the mobile phone but from popular VoIP apps as well. It gives you detailed information on the outgoing and the incoming calls to the device installed with NEXSPY. It can allow you to view the address book as well and record VoIP calls using certain recording applications.

Text messages

Our software not only allows you to monitor calls but also allows you to read text messages from another phone without them knowing. In this way, parents can keep a close watch on their child’s activities. All kinds of messages like SMS, MMS, iMessage, and even emails can be read in detail.


Instant messaging apps

There are lots of instant messaging apps around which broaden the horizon for communication. Popular chat apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber among the few are most used. NEXSPY is capable of reading messages from these platforms. Any messages that are sent or received can be viewed from any target device.

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Applications and media files

NEXSPY also allows you to see any media files that are stored in the phone along with all the applications that are installed too.

Internet activity

NEXSPY allows you to track all kinds of internet activity like monitoring bookmarks and browser history. It also allows you to view all the Wi-Fi networks that the device had connected along with the location and timestamps.


Additional features

Additional features include sim change alerts, caller ID alerts, and invisibility options which will make NEXSPY completely hidden from the phone’s application list. It also provides secure data encryption among many other features.

How to use NEXSPY monitoring software

1.Get a license

First, visit our pricing page and choose your NEXSPY Premium plan. After choosing one, proceed to purchase the selected plan using your authentic email address. Upon which, credentials and information on your purchase will be sent to your email along with instructions for installation.

2. Installation

For installation, you must acquire the target device and download the app from our online repository. After downloading the app, install it, and enter the license code which you received in the email when asked to activate the app.

3. Monitoring

After successful installation of the app, you can now access and monitor all data from your NEXSPY premium account. You can access it through using any browser.

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