Free Spy Apps for Android without Target Phone

Modern technology has gifted people with several items. The most important of them are cell phones. People are getting addicted to it.

The most amazing part of using cell phones is that it has largely attracted teenagers and students. They mostly prefer to text anything rather than making a call and talking for hours.

However, spy apps like NEXSPY can be quite helpful for the parents who wish to keep a good watch on the movement of their kid’s activities.


NEXSPY is the most important and reliable monitoring software for tablets, phones, and computers that provides the parents to monitor the text wonderfully. Apart from this, they can gather good information about the calls that are made from the cell phones along with the GPS location, WhatsApp messages or Facebook texts and many more items.

On the other side, Hoverwatch is another such spy tracker that can help the parents to get accurate information about the activities of their wards on cell phones. They are very useful in providing accurate information about their children who stays away from their parents for a long time.

It is also a very efficient tool that can help the parents to know in a detailed way about the various activities that are done on smartphones. The parents can get actual information about internet activities or Instagram messages or snap chat messages. 

Is it possible to track the cell phone without following the target phone?

Indeed, it is the most important question that usually arises in everyone’s mind whether they can access the cell phone without attacking the target phone. The answer to this question is yes, it is possible.

The whole thing depends upon the operating system of the cell phone. The free spy apps for Android without target phone are just a great invention in the technological world.


It takes a few minutes to do the whole thing. It can be done by sending the picture to the target phone, mainly through the mail and then requesting the owner to open it.

Once the app is installed, the user can keep a good watch on the activities of the targeted phone. If the targeted phone is an iOS, then the same can be tracked without installing any apps. The only thing required is its Apple ID along with the password.

Information that can be accessed

The cell phone spy without access to target phone has helped modern man to a good extent. It has helped numerous parents who want’ to know about their child’s activities. But what kind of information can be accessed by the parents?

They can know about:

  • All the exiting and deleted messages at the same time
  • Can know about the contacts
  • Can also gather good information about the notes, events and various posts at the social media sites
  • Can also check the browser history and the apps that have been installed
  • Parents can also check about the latest updates that are provided on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat.
NEXSPY dashboard 1

So, it has turned out to be a very essential tool for monitoring the exact movement and activities of the children. They are quite advanced in all respects.

How to spy cell phone without targeting the phone?

The spy app for Android without target phone is just a wonderful invention that has helped millions of people. In the following lines, we will come to know about the exact steps by which it can be done.

  • The user has to create an account with any of their spy apps along with a username, password, and a valid email address.
  • Now enter the Apple ID and password of the targeted cell phone.
  • Now log in to the account and commence the spying work. Remember that it can be done without any type of physical assessment.
  • There is a dashboard where you will get all the information regarding the calls or messages or other related information.
NEXSPY dashboard

What to do if the targeted phone is under the Android software?

Many may get confused if it is found that the phone is powered by Android software. To be very frank, no need to worry in such a situation. You have to completely rely on the apps that are related to this work.

It is always better to download the app so that the whole thing can be done perfectly. The most amazing thing is that the newly invented spy app can even give you all the online chat details very easily. It is not a big issue for them.

In short, the idea of SMS spy without access to target phone free trial is just another wonderful one. As the number of crimes is slowly increasing and it is quite common among youngsters so it is very important to guide them properly.


Many guys usually hide their activities. In such a situation, it is very to get the actual track about their cell phone activities. It is expected that these types of apps will help to get accurate information.

Even a few days earlier, it was quite tough to know about the children who used to stay away from their parents. A great thanks to the new technology that has made all these things very easy and smooth before the people.

Parents play a very pivotal role in a student’s life, but with the introduction of the latest technologies and tools, few problems have been found. It is also important to follow these apps so that there is complete transparency between a parent and their child.

These apps are quite user-friendly and so there are no such problems at the time of installation or handling. They are quite smart and advanced in all aspects.



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