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How To Remove Someone From Your Wifi


How To Remove Someone From Your Wifi

Your bandwidth is used by many devices that are connected to your wifi. If you ever find yourself in the situation where you want to block access to your neighbor (I don’t care how hot she is!), ungrateful roommates or just a random unknown device, you can block them using the MAC Address Filter.

The MAC (Media Access Control) Filter can be used to generate a list of active devices or blocked devices. You will need to know the MAC address of the user you want to allow or block from using your wifi. After knowing the MAC address of the device you want to allow or block, let’s get started.

Make sure you are connected to the wifi that you want to monitor. Type in the address bar of any browser to open up the router’s settings. Log in with your credentials i.e. username and password. If you have forgotten your credentials then you have to reset your router and log in with default router info.

1- Click on the “ADVANCED TAB” that is located on the right bottom of the screen.


2- Select “NETWORK FILTER” or “MAC ADDRESS FILTER”(depend on router model)  from the left-hand menu.

3- From the main drop-down menu, you can choose to allow access only to the devices on the list.

For Blocking Someone From Using Your Wifi Follow These Steps:

4- Enter the MAC Address of the device you want to block. In case you don’t know the MAC address of the connected device then select the name of the device from the DHCP Client List and click the << button to copy the MAC Address.

How To Remove Someone From Your Wifi

5- From top menu selects “Save Setting” and once complete all devices entered will be blocked from using your wifi BOOM.

By following this simple method you can easily block or remove someone from using your wifi anytime.

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  1. Very Informative. Now i can Kick my neighbors from my network.

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